Adrien Rabiot

Primarily used in central midfield for PSG, Rabiot is primarily utilised in a three man midfield and is used as they key point between transitioning from defence to attack. Playing in between inside channels and serving as a link to wider players. Rabiot is helpfully versatile, often being deployed as a defensive midfielder under Unai Emery. Something which will be helpful for Sarri’s side as Juventus suffered at times due to injuries this past season.

Playing largely in a deep-lying playmaker role, Rabiot hasn’t ever been prolific in his goals and assists. In the 2017/18 season he managed 2 goals and 7 assists. Not the worst figures for the role he played regardless. Rabiot’s key strengths come in his ability to avoid pressure by using his dribbling to move up the pitch. He averaged 1.3 dribbles a game and was fouled 1.1 times a game. Rabiot is extremely successful at beating the press. Rabiot is a phenomenal passer of the ball, something which will suit Sarri’s side perfectly. In 17/18 he averaged 66.5 passes a game with a 92.2% success rate. This highlights how efficient Rabiot is on the ball, very impressive. Defensively, Rabiot had 1.8 tackles a game along with 1 intercept per game. Decent figures which demonstrate his versatility.

However, although there’s no doubt of Rabiot’s ability, his biggest issues have often come off the field. His attitude has often been criticised as has the influence of his mother who also acts as his agent. This led to Rabiot only making 19 appearances for PSG last season. The biggest concern for Juve will be making sure Rabiot maintains a positive attitude at the club. Juventus are known for their positive influence on players and Rabiot should benefit from being around a positive dressing room.

From a tactical standpoint, Rabiot’s qualities make him a perfect player to play alongside Pjanic and Ramsey. Rabiot will likely play a similar deep-lying playmaker role while Pjanic plays at the bottom of the three and Ramsey in a box to box role. Forming a formidable midfield. Overall, the transfer is a great one for Juventus. On a free transfer, there’s very low risk and extremely high potential for Rabiot. With Sarri set to play a 3 man midfield Rabiot could be the perfect piece in the puzzle along with Pjanic and Ramsey.